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How to Find College Grants for Single Mothers

Free Money For Single Moms

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Grants For Single Parents - Mother And Father

Scholarships and Grants For Single Parents - Provide a Better Future For Your Family

The right to education over time has been considered as one of the basic fundamental rights and it is crucial to ensure our success as a country. Parents often cannot fulfill their ambitions of higher education due to severe economic problems in the family. College and University education is usually the passport to a better and a more satisfying career and more money, both of which attract Americans. US President Barack Obama has decided to increase almost all federal grants and scholarships for single homemakers, both men and women, which might actually be increased in 2011.

Thankfully for this decision, many of you who are planning to return to school can now apply for grants to obtain a degree or some specialized training. These scholarships are available on a yearly basis. Many of them have no income or GPA requirements. The number of scholarships available is at times so vast that it is tiresome to zero in on ones you seem eligible to pursue. Luckily there are many free websites that provide guidelines to users for application process. The main requirements are basic personal details and one can in no time find what all is available to them.

The main problem parents are faced with when they return to a school is their schedule. It may seem problematic for many to handle kids, work as well as school, all together. But for such people if they are still keen on education there is the option of enrolling in any online college. One can earn a degree by studying from home at times convenient according to one's schedule. The educational courses online often cater to parents only. The choice is yours, as to which school or qualification you would want to apply for. There is a multitude of scholarship options out here for parents. But you have to make the choice! That is the choice of working for a change for the better. For your family, for yourself!

**Update** Did you know you can get a $10,000 scholarship just for registering?

Apply right now for free: Scholarships for Moms [] and Scholarships for Dads []

You must be at least 18.


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  1. A great resource for the single moms who are looking for the government grants for the proper growth of the child. I am glad i visited here and come to know about the grants which are available by the government for single mothers.

    single parent statistics overview


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