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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Housing Grants For Single Mothers

Housing Grants for Single Mothers - Which Ones Are Available?

If you are a single mother who is looking for help finding housing you may want to look into housing grants for single mothers. There are a number of programs that offer assistance to women that are in need of help getting into their own home while caring for children on their own.

Housing vouchers and grants are a great thing to look into if you need some help financially. This article will cover ways you can receive help. Here are a number of programs to look into if you fit this category.

The HOME Program

This program is run by HUD, the Housing and Urban Development branch of the Federal Government. This program is for working single mothers with low income. It helps provide strictly rent controlled places to live through an application process.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program

This is also known as the Section 8 Housing Program. In this case money is granted directly by the government to a landlord who will provide housing for a family in need of it. This program is also run by HUD.

The PHA Housing Grants

These grants are also known as vouchers. These vouchers are given out by state and local housing authorities and help to defer the amount of rent that is paid by the house owner based on need. This is a great way for a mother to create more options for housing.

Remember. The role of a single mother is really difficult. Aside from being a mother, she is also tasked to take the responsibility of being a father to her children.

Some people do not have the opportunity to get sufficient housing. It is also difficult for some families to provide the enough food and funds to their children. Consequently, these women need assistance from the government to for the basic provisions for their children.

Fortunately, the government is willing to provide assistance for single mothers through its different programs, like the ones mentioned above.

Housing assistance is a kind of help that all single mothers should see if they can get. Houses make up a majority of a families monthly payments. Receiving help on this kind of payment can help many families financially. Look around and see what kind of help is available for you with keeping the above organizations in mind. Remember, there are many possibilities that are available to you - find them!

Stacy Montes is a single mom of 3 who writes for the website, Single Mom Financial Help. On the website there are many articles and resources for single mothers, such as how to get grants for single mothers.



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